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    I dont have unreal 2 im only 13 and im kinda short on cash. I'd buy it but i'm going to have a bit of a time convincing my mom to buy me amother unreal game form the same time. I have xmp for 2k4 and if i can get rwd/fwd working in svehcs ill go for svehcs. maby we can bug someone from atari but I've also heared that they dont listen to the community much:down: but on the wiki there is a guide for manual transmission anoter thing i want to accomplish. I had one working but it was a piece of gabage. About the one on the wiki look for manual shift car. I'd take it and shut up but i cant get it to compile under 3355.:cry:


      I imaigine the UTXMP svecs are awd, since that **** bool does not work.

      Probably can pick a copy of Unreal 2 up for less then 10$ american...

      But You can also probably use the installer to install u2XMP (it uses a seperate direcotry) then browse it's file, you just own't be able to run it.


        But its code for probably a diff engine build. And if it has a M rating i cant pick it up. But if its for teen i can get it. But ill look for it.


          The code isstill done the same, and it's an earlier build anyways.


            Well i know that but most Unrealengine 2.x code is incompatible with 2.5.x for most things. Also the placement in the actor tree makes no difference:up: But getting these to work is still a bunch of garbage. Maby you could figure out(get to compile) how to get the manual shift car on the wiki to work. I cant get it to compile but if you or me can then the var should work (CIPen said it should work in his code.) Manaul shift is also something i want to accomplish.