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Can't SpawN PAwns?

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    well if your asking for help you could be a little more specific instead u like to be sarcastic..



      You Don't have the faintest clue how to help me in the circumstance, but you're continuing to post pointless bird sh*t.

      As I reminded you in the thread about the loading screen.

      Take a brief glance at what other (more advanced) coders such as Angel mapper are posting, and start looking at the problem from that angle.

      Don't come in midway with something totally bogus and expect me NOT to look at you cockeyed.

      The fact that you even *thought* my comment code could interfere with the class during runtime is somewhat disturbing


        Im not even gana bother, u ask for help, i TRY and u just dont even care what so ever that i wasted my time TRYING to help.


          Children, go sit in the corner.

          Have you tried moving the door into an open area away from the ground and seeing if it spawns? If it doesn't, keep it in the open area and try spawning the new object at its location + some vector to offset it about 256 units or so.



            thanks AM, it was an encroachment issue

            I set bCollideWorld = false on the pawn, and it can now spawn in tight spaces


              One question for you, AM

              let's say ...

                   // Spawn KFOBJPawn in place of the Mover
                   SDoor = Spawn(class'KFmod.KFOBJMover',,, self.Location , self.Rotation);
                   SDoor.bCollideWorld = true;
                   // Spawn the Door's collision mesh
                   CDoor = Spawn(class'KFmod.KFDoorCollision',SDoor,, self.Location , self.Rotation);
              So as you can hopefully see, CDoor is another actor spawned alongside SDoor, (technically a staticmeshactor but nevermind that).

              I have set the "Owner" of this spawned actor to be Sdoor, howerver during runtime, the Owner is merely "KFmod.KFOBJMover"

              and not "KFOBJMover01" or whatever it would ACTUALLY be in the map...

              (hopefully im being clear)

              anyway, is there a way for me to assign the owner of CDoor to be not the CLASS of (SDoor), but the actual thing that results from the spawning of it?

              P.S if you're wondering why im doing all this B.S

              It's because I haven't as of yet found a way to assign my own custom collision to a Skeletal Mesh and have it recognized on a pawn instead the usual (Pawn collision cylinder)


                It is being assigned to that door, it just doesn't show you the object number in the log.


                  i told you to shut the collisions off..:weird:


                    Thanks AM, ( I had been calling a condition based on the "bIsdelete" (may have spelled this wrong, but it's the variable called before an actor is destroyed) from the Collision actor, based on whether the Owner satisfied this condition or not...And I had no result.

                    I also logged the name of the owner and got KFmod.KFOBJMover instead of something specific.

                    But if what you're saying is true, I guess I may just have a ****ed up condition.



                      Change to

                      (if Owner == none)

                      and it fires


                        You know you dont have to explicitly say self.whatever, right? For example, self.Rotation could just as safely be stated as Rotation, self is always implied. Unless you were mentioning it for purposes of the reader, which is sort of silly :P