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Weapons Programmer / Artist Needed

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    Weapons Programmer / Artist Needed

    - I'm looking for a good coder who can make some weapons happen for the Gunreal weapons mutator/mod, which is a mutator for UT2004 that will become one of the first full mods for UT2007, incorporating a gameplay style similar to what you might find in a sci-fi Battlefield2, or Half-Life2 conquest-style war - but naturally in a completely unique style, with a mix of soft-core sci-fi weapons and harcore instant-hit weapons, part of this balanced breakfast.

    For now, I need is a coder who can go through a process with me of weapon hammering, in which we both spend 2 or 3 days on one particular weapon, and work on it until it's completely done, before moving onto the next.

    The mutator is already pretty far along in progress, and boots up fine, but most of the guns still need the smack laid on them.

    Here are a few homeless weapons that need loving care and code:

    If you work on this, these are the kinds of weapon recipes you'll be looking at on the job, and the kinds of effects you'll be coding:

    The workflow will be like this:
    I'll provide updated packages regularly, and a demoroom, which is where you'll find all the emitters, models, examples, etc., and from which you can examine the weapons and effects, lighting params, decal settings, etc.

    You'll take the emitters from the demoroom, as well as all sounds, animations, models, etc. from their packages, and program a weapon following the recipe on the weapons page above.

    Once the weapon is playable, you'll send me the updated code, I'll run it through the game, and write up a list of things that need to be fixed, and email it to you. At the end of the next day you'll send back what you have, I'll write up another list if there's anything left that needs tweaking (believe me, there will be), then you'll fix it one more time, and if that's everything, we'll start the next weapon.

    We share the mod files with a program called Hotline, from which I run a server that lets everyone have access to a central media pool on my computer, where we dump all the code classes and packages, so that everyone can help themselves to the core code, and add to it, like a big online pizza...

    We basically use a cumulative folder as the place where all "working" code goes, and anyone can take that folder and just compile it.

    - A few gameplay notes you can look at of things that will be coded when the weapons are done; some of which are already partially implemented:

    Modder's Homepage:

    Miscellaneous Resources and Promos (basically trying to get some programmers' attention):

    Here's what the mod version will look like ingame (new hud):

    - If you want to be a programmer on this project, just contact me via email or MSN at

    - I am also looking for a good artists to work with, who can follow concept art and make extraordinary models and skins. I'm sorry, but any artwork that goes into this mod cannot fall beneath the current standard.

    You've been seeking coders for this for a loooooooong time. Have you considered learning how to code yourself?


      Yeah. Well, I have two coders. One is hard at work, but the other is about to go to university, so...

      I'd like to learn how to code, but I have such a crapload of models to make and skins to paint (and sounds, and pretty much everything else), that I just can't find room to put another wagon on my shoulders...

      Even if I knew how, I wouldn't have the time needed. Other mods have teams of like 10 people who take a certain task... but for me, it's too tiring as it is to take all the models/skins/sounds/animations/effects on myself. (where's the "asleep" smiley?)

      Anyway, I'm searching for some good help, so here's some pimpage: (please tell people if you think they might be interested)


        I like what I see.

        I've followed this project for a loong time, lol. If I had the time, I'd help out. Thats why I gave hsoolien my UI code, I figured he might be using it on this. But between work and school, I'm swamped. I've also got a plethora of my own projects, lol. BAH, I need 48 hour days and 30 day weeks, and to not have to sleep. Man, that would rock...

        If I get any time, maybe I'll look you up. I might also send a friend this way to see if he is interested. He worked with me on EE, hes good (a bit of a perfectionist, though).


          YEah work has been kicking my *** lately, plus I added potential girlfriend to that heap so my time is RAPED, I know I promised the HRL last Sunday, hopefully I will have it this sunday...