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Adding New Animations (Help)

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    Id have thought it would just be a case of changing the walk animation name in the defaultproperties?


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    Adding New Animations (Help)

    I have a beta of a MOD someone made for our team, but the person abandoned the project and is no longer in contact
    He included a custom pawn animation package
    You can see all the animations working perfectly in the animation browser but they do not show up in-game if I set them in AI Script
    He has pawns in game that use the new walking animations he made, so it must be working correctly.
    but they wont show up in my AI Script
    I know I'm doing it right and naming everything right becasue I can program any of the built-in original in-game animations to show up though AI Script in-game
    What I do is if the animation says:
    s_walk_02 [80]
    I name it:
    in the AI Script and that method works for all the built in animations, I set the WaitForAnimationToEnd and everything

    All the other packages he made, all the new textures, the new weapons, everything works perfect, I just can't get these new animations to work,
    though he has them programmed into the pawns, and those show up

    Any ideas?
    I'm sure this is something simple