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Is it possible to extract a psk from a ukx file?

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  • Is it possible to extract a psk from a ukx file?

    Does anyone know how to do that or know of
    any programs or tutorials for doing that?

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    Haven't heard of a way, but even if you could I don't know of any program that can import them other than UEd.


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      No I wanted to use ED to import them, for example say I wanted to put weapons from Postal 2 into UT2K4, how would I do that?
      I've seen people do it with pawns and animals from Postal 2, so it is possible. Anybody know?


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        There must be some sort of exporter to get them out, why not ask the people you see posting POstal content in UT2004?

        Of course they may have just remodled them....


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          You can extract the mesh content from a ukx, but not the animations or skeleton.
          As for only UED viewing psks: You can also view PSK files with Deep Exploration which nativily supports this format with a built in plugin. You can even rename bones and reexport as a psk and import into unreal.

          As for extracting mesh information, you just do the pawn trick. Meaning you place an xpawn script into an empty room and replace the "mesh" option in its properties to the mesh you want to extract.
          You convert the xpawn into a staticmesh, then place that staticmesh into the room. Then up at the top left of ued, you export the scene in OBJ format.
          Then using an app like 3dsmax or deep exploration, import the OBJ and delete the "bsp" so all thats left is is the mesh of the model. Then depending on the model you extracted you will need to weld all the vertices, then reapply smoothing groups(automatic works).
          For material ids(in 3dsmax) you select some faces, and in the surface properties menu, you select a specific mat id and it will be highlighted. Then just apply the proper material per mat id.
          Bind to a new biped skeleton and re-export as a psk and your all set.


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            I know this is an old thread, but I found a way to extract everything without doing the pawn trick. You must download a program called Umodel. By itself, the only thing that Umodel can extract from a .ukx file is the .psa (animation). In order to get this to work you must have all the files (.ukx, .usx, .utx, .uax). When I create new mutators, I crunch every one of these babies into one .u file. Once the .u file is created, I can discard all the other files. Umodel will extract everything out the .u file (.psk, .psa, .mat, .wav, .pskx, .dds, etc.) In case someone wants to know how to place all these files into the .u file, simply rename your package files to same name before you compile. ex.: myweapon.ukx, myweapon.usx, myweapon.utx, myweapon.uax . Of course your .u name will be myweapon.u. Once you compile it, all the other files gets saved inside the .u file. Hope this helps. Hi Flak!

            This is what the extraction looks like:
            Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.PNG
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              the pawn trick is this the one i taught you a long time ago over at WIG lol