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    (In general), these are what classes you'd need to make in order to get started on a gametype:

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    custom gametype?

    Is it very hard (or possible) to script a gametype for unreal?

    My basic idea would be a gametype called werewolf. One player would start as the "werewolf", with unlimited respawns, and he'd go around trying to kill everyone else. Then, when he kills someone, they die and respawn as another werewolf. Play would continue until everyone becomes a werewolf.

    Would this be easy to do? I figured it'd be easiest if it just made the first player to join go on the red team, and everyone else would go to the blue team. Then, with a couple if statements, you could check if someone died, what team colour they were, and if blue then change it to red.

    So, if this is possible (and not too advanced either), could someone just write out the basic variables I'd need? Like setting lives, team changing, etc etc?

    Thanks in advance!