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Packaging everything into a single .u file?

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    - copy all resources to single file, ie myeverything.u, using unrealed resource browsers, menu->rename
    - import code into it using unrealed, ie console command OBJ LOAD FILE=mycode.u PACKAGE=myeverything.u
    - save myeverything.u
    - delete mycode.u


      you wouldnt be able to tell it by the way i develop my mods but......from the video tutorials it is pretty simple and straight forward.

      create a folder in your UT2X directory and name it what you want.....then create sub folders for sound,static meshes,animations,textures,and classes.

      after you have moved everything to the folders then add the name of the folder to "editpackage=(foldername)" in the ut2X.ini file and run ucc make from the command prompt and it should be all good.......i'm still a noob at this but that seems like the best way to make a mod package to me.

      Correct me if i am wrong though.....i'm not perfect and am always eager to learn.

      at a worse case scenario you would have 1 file in each folder to install/uninstall.....sounds...classes...animations...text would just have to compile each and that is it.


        why is it such a problem to have separate files? if you have tons of files like a REMAKE lol make it a mod! since i jsut resently found out how i think it would be wise


          Originally posted by Switch01
          If OBJ LOAD imports the data into package, but code fails when files are deleted then obviously you're referencing wrong packages in your code.
          Yes. Xyx look here and go to the section "Loading Other Packages" and the second code section. As Switch01 said, you may need to change something in the default properties to name your code package instead of the original texture package.


            {makes mental note: importing several packages into one package changes all referances in the code pertaining to package location.}

            I am creating one package for each folder that i need so i might have 12 files that need installed or uninstalled eventually.

            wouldnt it be easier to just get a freeware installer/uninstaller program for your mod?

            i have used the clickteam install creator in the past.
            and they have a freeware version that is pretty nice.

            one good selling point of any mod is being able to install/uninstall it with a single makes everything look more might be worth looking into and also save you a ton of recoding time.


              NSIS is a great installer system, which I use a lot. Pretty big learning curve if you're not used to compiling C/C++ though, since the syntax is similar in some ways.