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Monitoring/Filtering Chat Messages

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    Monitoring/Filtering Chat Messages

    I am making a mutator that will monitor in-game chat input for certain words, to help prevent (and punish) people that whine and use offensive terms online. I'd like to make the mutator monitor chat input on the client's side (simulated funtion), and filter it out and take action on the client side.

    Which classes/functions would I use in a mutator to monitor the user's input while typing chat messages? I am guessing the BroadcastHandler class, but I'm not sure if that's the easiest way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Player says: you're a gay a$$ mother $%%^$ spamming n00b, DIE *****!!

    Chat says: Player: I have nothing nice to say but U r teh 1337 plz give me buttsecks.
    (and it turns their model into a big can of spam that I already made)

    ^Just an example j/k around with the words^

    I want to make this mutator, becuase it has been requested time and time again. There's too many people out there on servers that have poor sportsmanship and no respect for their fellow players. These people make the game a lot less fun, and it would be fun again to mess with those who come on the server with an attitude problem.



    Chat Filter has been implemented in that mutator, but not with punishments though.


      ServerExt is a little bit of an overkill for what I want to do (a lot of features that I wasn't looking for). Plus, I already made my spam can model, and it will be funny to turn people into walking canned meat.

      Thanks for the info though. I guess I'll study the chat filter part of ServerExt, and see which classes were used to implement the monitoring of in-game chat.