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Newbie UT2K3 Programmer Requesting Tutorials

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    Newbie UT2K3 Programmer Requesting Tutorials


    I'm a computer-science student/graduate and a long-time game programmer (before my degree), looking to make some sort of 3D mod for UT2k3 or UT2k4.

    Actually, very likely it'll be UT2k3. But anyway. I haven't purchased the game yet, just trawled a bit through the forum. Can anyone provide a decent link to some tutorials, since none are listed? I know Java, some C++, C#, and more languages then I have fingers for, so I'm looking for something that doesn't necessarily explain what the difference between a constant and a variable is.

    Thanks, and I look forward to my time here

    Re: Newbie UT2K3 Programmer Requesting Tutorials

    Here's probably the closest thing to a reference: UnCodeX 2003


      I made a weapon programming tutorial for unrealscript about a year and a half ago.

      It's not a complete guide to unrealscript and the unreal engine, but IMO it's a good start if you want to play around with creating/modifying weapons.


        Cool, thanks--I'll check it out later. I assume the game comes with some sort of SDK/tools, which would cover the basic stuff.


          Your assumption would be correct if you obtained the collector's edition...


            TCs vs Other Engines

            Yeah, I'm thinking about grabbing the DVD version, since that comes with a bunch of video tutorials...can't go wrong with that. Not that you can't learn with tutorials...

            Which brings me to another point: Metaball. I was actually planning a game similar to that...and if UT allows such crazy TCs, why, you can make pretty much ANYTHING with it...

            Too bad the commercial engine is so expensive.


              ya, get the DVD v of it and look at the uscript vtms (they do alot of basic stuff but they still show you how unreal script works.)

              also you should get WOTgreal, which is an IDE simalar to borlan and visual studio. (its free).

              for functions and syntax look at the UDN (unreal devulupers network)

              hope that helps


                As it turns out, I did indeed purchase it. Still working through the basic level-editing tutorials (now on to paths)! They're very, very useful. Definitely worth the $10 USD I paid on eBay :>