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Floating, walking vehicles?

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    Sorry if I am re-kendling this flame, but I am just trying to help you guys think outside the box...

    could it be possible to make the mech and use dummy objects as the legs? Then have the leg parts individually attached at the dummies and set them up with individual collision in UE. I've seen something similar in the AirPowerIII helicopter, but not sure if it had collision. Howver, the attached deco blade spinning was a .psk so you can definately add collision... and if it got destroyed, then so did the entire vehicle. This is good cuz if your mech gets de-legged, then it won't just float there. It might only explode, rather than fall over, but that is another set of issues...


      I've considered adding various thingies that are not part of the vehicle's mesh, each with its own collision, for various other purposes as well (including ablative shields, destroyable parts, heads or tails, collision on cannon barrels or karma issues on huge vehicles).

      What I'm not sure of is what that does to tracing. If a trace hits the add-on, is it considered to have hit the vehicle? Or just the add-on? If the latter, then forwarding the damage to the vehicle is easy... but what happens when...
      • The add-on is hit by a shock core. Does the vehicle jolt back?
      • The add-on is targeted with an AVRiL. Is lock-on possible?
      • The add-on is hit by a friendly link beam. Is the vehicle healed?
      • The add-on gets hit by any of a dozen 3rd party weapons that have some special effect on vehicles. Does it affect the vehicle?
      • Another vehicle rams the add-on. Is there a crash? If so, how does the vehicle with the add-on react?
      The reason none of these questions apply to wheels and turrets is that none of those has collision (at least, none that works). They cannot be hit at all, and all traces hit the vehicle's collision box.

      I guess the closest thing such add-ons can be compared to is the Paladin's shield. What would happen in any of the above situations if the shield were targeted or hit in a spot that does not have any part of the Paladin directly behind it (say, you hit the shield from the side)?

      I can't check now, but I bet it'd just be replacing one set of problems for another (probably even more serious) set.


        Originally posted by Dario D.
        You can feel free to get a rig working, but I won't be able to work on it until the second phase of my mod, for which I will need to make a very advanced, super-polished rig for one of the vehicles for the UT2007 version of the mod.

        By that time we'll be working with Novodex physics, so... hopefuly it'll be better, and more flexible.

        But until then, I would like it to work for the UT2004 version of the mod, if only to get the system working. It's a very complex design, but only needs simple mechanics to work,... then once it works, the vec abilities need to be replicated into several similar abilities.

        For example, we need to strive to get a vehicle to move with legs attached... As soon as that's done, make it do other things, like jump, crouch, sprint, etc. The vehicle is very down to earth - nothing looney or "unreal" - but capable.
        Try attaching repulsors to bones on the feet.

        "I will need to make a very advanced"

        What is "advanced"?


          What are repulsors?


          Very advanced, meaning, a knee-jointed bot that can walk on three legs, keep it's upper body stable (car-like body physics, but trying to keep itself straight, not leaning) and possibly hips that appear to be shock-absorbing, and tilt according to the terrain.

          Something like what you might find in a mech-warrior game, but I dont remember how smoothly the mechs in those games operate.

          If UT2007 doesn't allow, then it will have to be simplified, but I have high hopes in it thus far. Havok, yo.


          And where the **** did this warning level 1 come from??? WTF, I'm like the nicest person.
          ...unless you get WL for promoting non-Atari games, in which case you'd have to spank me.