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Copying parent class setting to a subclass?

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    Copying parent class setting to a subclass?

    This must be really simple, but my brain is failing me right now.

    I have a new sub-class of the "Monster" class, called "TeamMonster." The TeamMonster class only has one new variable which tells the monster who spawned it (Master), and therefore which team the monster will be on.

    The idea is that there will be a config file with favored monsters, and the mutator will take care of adding them onto teams (I haven't seen any "monster on team" mutes, though I bet there are somewhere). I know it would be easy to hardwire the monsters by subclassing them, but I want something a little more configurable than that.

    All I want to do is convert a Monster class into my TeamMonster class on the fly, and then set the team variable...

    Nevermind I think.

    Got back from lunch and tried something that seems to work. Brain must have neede fuel...