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Program for Uncompiling a .U file?

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    Program for Uncompiling a .U file?


    I have this mutator that someone made and I wanted to change the Pistol ammo to no reloads, BUT I have found SO much information on COMPILING AND Editing script BUT nothing on how to take an Existing .u file and UNcompile it?

    Is there a program or command where I can take a specific .u file and UNPACK IT?

    Thanks in advance. I have looked around and oculdnt find that questioned answered. Noobs always find new problems. lol

    You can decompile .u files with UCC and it's export commandlet, however I reccomend picking up the latest code drop here:

    As export does not export some classes, or certain default properties

    And yes I know 3339 is the most current here and the latest patch is 3355, but the only changes made to Uscript in the newest patch (as far as I can tell) relate to the Cicada HUD, so it's 99% the same and will work for 99% of anything you want to do (unless your' subclassing Cicadas.. .but you can always use UCC to export OnslaughtBP)


      There is no simple program just to stake a mutators .u file and open it up so I can change the ammo rate then recompile it?

      the UCC command looks complicated and mainly for compiling. Is there ANY programs that can decompile beside just compiling?


      Source doesnt do me any good as I want to open a mutator .u file.


        Originally posted by lt1956
        the UCC command looks complicated and mainly for compiling. Is there ANY programs that can decompile beside just compiling?
        FFS did you even read what I posted?

        Originally posted by Hsoolien
        You can decompile .u files with UCC and it's export commandlet
        And looks compilcated? then your in the wrong forum bub.

        Now that we have estabilsed that UCC EXPORTS/DECOMPILES as well as compiling.

        Now then, as for the source code, you need any source code the mutator might refernce to because the compiler needs this informatin to compile a file, infact the OOP nature of UScript you have all the parent source of any given object, as well as any objects they refer to.

        That all said, you can ues UEd to open a compile .u's.... It's not reccomedned for the same reasons you don't export the main.u's, UEd does not allow you to edit all default properties, and does not even see some classes

        However you say this is someone elses's Mutator? Maybe you should contact them about addin your ammo option rather then just altering it yourself


          I've tried no one seems to want to help. I have fumbled my way finding all kinds of mutators that I needed and finally found.

          There is this mod called Blue Moon Rising which is a mod not just a mutator and they have a pistol in it, since I could find any other mutators that had a pistol I could use. lol But they have a reload after 12 rounds. The only problem is the Bots one click fire again to have the clip automatically reload, so they think its empty. lol

          So what I wanted to do is decompile the weapons .u file and remove the reload feature. Pretty small and pathetic I know but I am a total noob with UT04.

          Maybe you could help with my other problem that I CANT find that anyone has made yet. And that is a mutator that allows classes or allows you to specify which BOT or player uses what weapon on spawning. I notice the Bots behave better without pickups in the game and listen to orders more.

          Thanks for the help, your a swell person! :-)


            ask the authors of that mod, any other way is just wrong


              FOR MY OWN USE IS WRONG? lol I never heard that before and I do mod other games just not this one.


                You never said anything about "for personal use only"

                and it doesn't matter if you mod a lot of other games. (many wrongs don't make a right).

                and using `ucc batchexport ....` is the best way to export the code from the package



                  I was speaking of me modding other games and never hearing you cant modify a mod for personal use. lol

                  But anyway now you know it just for my use, I wouldnt want someone to take my work and release as their own.

                  Thanks again,

                  I look around but there isnt many tutorials that show HOW to UNPACK a .u file many for compiling one.

                  What systax would I use if I was going to unpack lets say BMRGuns.u


                    may be just try

                    ucc batchexport engine.u Class uc <destination_directory>

                    no, it do not decompile everything (some special things are droped) but if it is just to take some inspiration, this would be sufficient

                    beware of language, if you have installed UT in french, it will drop "vrai" instead of "true" ( vrij in dutch and so on...)

                    and if you recompile vrai on an english platform, it is assumed as "false"


                      Ok that worked and I thank you for the command. Now a question I am trying to recompile the file, but Umake wont let me and the command I was using for UCC wasnt doing anything or should I say compiling anything. I figure the structure extracted should be the sam compiled? Is there a simple way to compile it back after uncompiling it?



                        In order to compile the file, you need ALL the script files it refers to, then make sure the packages used are listed in UT2004.ini (iin the edit packagaes seciton), then UCC make


                          Ok I used the command but its not working it goes through the batch but doesnt make my new file.

                          When I uncompiled the uc files I put them in a folder called new. Then I edited the .ini file to have editpackage New, but its not creating it. I am not sure how to structure the files so it can make the .u file. I am trying wit hthe tutorials, but they seem to leave a few things out.

                          THanks for the help, So far I was able to uncompile shouldnt be long before I can recompile it again. I apreciate the help/



                            you got to put the files in <ufilename>\Classes\ ,
                            add a new like "ServerPackages=<ufilename>.u"
                            then delete the <ufilename>.u in UT2004\System\
                            and run: ucc make

                            but it is not said it will compile, as decompilation is not allways fully performed


                              it is recommended to make a backup before delete