Hi peeps.

I need some help with making a GUI popup in UT2k4

I am a nOob at scripting and programming stuff, so I am trying to learn how to make a popup GUI appear if a client types 'mutate test' in the console.

I have compiled a code to popup the 'JoeTest' GUI from the UT2k4 sourcecode (just as a test), but whenever i try it, it just opens up the server browser menu (or whatever menu was last open).

I am assuming I have written something wrong in this code, but after lots of reading and searching; I still cant find a good beginners tutorial for the various commands of scripting.
(I have read and re-read things on UnrealWiki and Unreal Development Network websites, and a few others, but none of them are for the real novice unfortunately).

Please someone look at my code and tell me what I'm doing wrong, and if anyone knows good links for real noobs like me, please post them.


class TestMenu extends Mutator;

function Mutate(string Command, PlayerController Sender)
if ( Command ~= "test" ) OpenJoeTest(Sender);
Super.Mutate(Command, Sender);

function OpenJoeTest(PlayerController Sender)
Sender.ClientOpenMenu("Xinterface.JoeTest", true, , );

Thanks in advance for help