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Player Size vs Collision?

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    Player Size vs Collision?

    If i say want to make a player model a bit bigger, like taller or fatter, would i need to do anything to make it so he could/couldnt fit into areas of the map?

    I havent got into the karma for player models yet, but im getting there heh, do i do it there? Or do i need to set the Unreal Units for height and width for standing and croutching somewhere, or is it automatically determined by karma collisions?

    Oh yeah, i have my player scaled to the same as the ut2k3 released mesh, will he export and import bigger if i make him bigger than that? Im going to use some of my own animations for him, but will models come out in the max units (same as unreal right?)?

    I havent checked the max units height on the ut2k3 guys yet, but is it the same as it will be in ut2k3? Unreal Units?


      The collision cylinders are all hardcoded, so the hitboxes and area for headshots etc will be the same regardless of how big your model is.

      If you're rigging using one of the released character models, then no, the scale difference between max and Ued is HUGE. However, when you import your mesh to Ued, you can copy the mesh properties of the model you've used to rig your own model and paste those onto your model to scale it correctly. So if you rigged your model to MercMaleA you can go Mesh->Copy Mesh Properties with MercMaleA selected, then select your mesh and go Mesh-> Paste Properties and your model will be the right scale


        So basically if i wanted to make a taller player model that could only go into the bigger areas of maps i would need to make new hitboxes and collision?

        Thats what i thought hehe.

        Thanks :up:


          Ok after looking at the mini me combo, i know i can do this somehow....

          Ive tried copying some of the mini me code into a new species heh, but that didnt work... i dunno how else to do it heh, help meh?


          Ive now also tried using default properties from the above classes, like collision height eye height etc, and im getting errors trying heh.

          Heh nm species type only extends object :P that explains the errors.


          Extending xpawn an dchanging the default properties and using it in the species doesnt work either heh......

          Anyone know??