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    water zones help

    i am new to level designing and am having trouble with a very basic concept. i am trying to add a water zone to my level and can't get it to work. i am following a tutorial at:

    but in this tutuorial, it tells me to add a sheet as a special brush with the prefab "water" The problem is, there is no choice to add special "water" in the version that i am using. i'm using UT2003 level editor.
    any help is welcome

    That tutorial is an old one, based on a previous version of UnrealEd.

    The approach to creating water is somewhat different now.

    Are you using the editor that came with UT2004? If so you may want to search for tutorials at some of these sites.


      water volume

      now i know that water is added to a level in a very diff way for UT2003, but i am still not sure how to do it. if anyone has any tutorial on water volume for UT2003, please let me know



        The next time somebody offers some might consider using them.
        Notice that the link above, isn't much different from one in my earlier post.



          thanks Fecal Marmaset ... the first links helped, that's how i discovered needing watervolume in the first place .... the second link was actually the tutorial that showed me how to do it ... like i said originally, first time out .... so there's a lot to take in. thanks for the help


            Cool...good luck with what you're working on. :up:

            Sorry if my last reply seemed harsh. I'm getting a little edgy lately...trying to quit smoking.


              IN a couple of easy steps you too can create water:-

              1. Create a water volume by using the red brush and the water volume from the voulmes list.

              2. Go into Actors browser and find fluid sheet

              3. Go to display properties on your fluid sheet and go down to skin and select a texture and click use.

              And hey presto you have water.

              If you wanna get a little more techincal you can play with the waters properties to make waves and effects for when bullets or the player hits the water. Theres many things you can do, just have a play about until you find something you like.



                Originally posted by Fecal Marmaset
                trying to quit smoking.