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Rocket Jump 2003 Is Recruiting!

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    Rocket Jump 2003 Is Recruiting!

    Hello! I am travis, the leader and mapper of Rocket Jump 2003. Currently, I am the only member. What is Rocket Jump 2003 you ask?

    Rocket Jump 2003 is a total conversion for Unreal Tournament 2003 in which you must traverse through maps using only a very powerfull rocket launcher, while wearing your anti-damage suit. The gameplay in RJ2003 is very similar to that of concjumping in TFC, but with a rocket launcher. Single player is available but RJ2003 will be much more fun online with others.

    Coders :
    Rocket Jump 2003 will actually need only one coder. There isn't very much coding involved in RJ2003. All that needs to be done in terms of coding is modifying the rocket launcher to shoot you into the air and shoot you off of walls. Other features may be added later like making the blast only effect you and not the people next to you.

    Mappers :
    There can't be enough mappers in RJ2003! What mappers, like myself, will be doing is creating the obsticle courses in which the players will need to traverse. It is recommended that you check out the concjump maps for TFC first so you know what the game is like. I will be creating basic maps with no nice details first to show you what the game is like. At the end of the maps, some sort of fun games to play like bulldog racing or tennis or something will be a treat for people who finish the map.

    Modellers, Skinners & Animators :
    We would like to have custom models like weapons and player models at some time. Of course we can do without it for a while but it would definately be a nice addition to make the game extra special.

    Please visit the chatroom at:

    Server :
    Channel : #RocketJump


    Also feel free to PM me, or add me on AIM at HL2Center or MSN at

    um so this is like rocketarena in quake1 except all you have is the rocketlauncher and your jumping around a map


      Ah trickjumping. You I guess have played tfc courses and probally even quake 3 courses, there is a great mod for quake 3 along these lines.


        Yea, like that I guess. I've never played the Q3 maps though. So is anybody interested?


          This mod does not take too much coding actually... Anyways

          Here's an example of a semi-easy jump that could be in a map :

          Blue : Start
          Red : If You Touch You Go Back To 1
          Green : End Of That Jump

          You start at 1, face backwards and jump and shoot and hit the other wall where you would hit 2 and shoot to bounce off there and shoot at 3 before you hit the ground (this takes timing because the rocket goes at a different speed than you) then bounce again maybe to 4, if you got a good hit, straight to 5 and thats the end of that jump.

          Now with the ut2003 engine, we could make a map like this not only play well but look really nice with static meshes, custom or otherwise. Actually I would like as many mappers as we could get, there is no limit. If you would like to do just a map or two, that would be great.

          Each map will probably have about 10+ jumps in it, depending on the overall difficulty of the map.

          mIRC :
          Server :
          Channel : #RocketJump

          Website : (i'll buy a domain if it gets popular)

          Aim : HL2Center
          MSN :
          E-Mail :


            What I need a coder to do:

            Change the rocket launcher to launch you into the air when you shoot under you and jump and make sure it doesn't hit you. And i'm not sure how the ut2003 engine is, but make sure that you can jump off of walls also. Its not that big of a job really, just a small modifcation.


              Found a coder!

              Need mappers