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Weather - xWeatherEffect - Please help.

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    Weather - xWeatherEffect - Please help.

    I'm a bit of a ued newb. Right now I would just like to get some rain into my map. I would like to just get the xweathereffect working, I'll work out the rest later.

    So how do i make it work. I have created a room and put an xweathereffect in it, built, and no weather effects visible. So what else do I need to do.

    I would copy and paste from another map but it crashes ued.



    Perhapps I need sky?

    more details maybe.

    I subtracted a room, 1024x1024x1024

    Added a player start.

    Added a light.

    Added an xWeather Effect and set it up as described here...

    Build the level.

    And no weather

    If you have ever played BR-IceFields, you'd know that it snows, but only when you have world detail setting on highest in options. And yes, it's a xWeatherEffect actor. Try it, and tell me if it rains now


      Detail is high.

      Its interesting I dropped a xWeatherEffects into DB-Tribun and set it up for rain, it worked no worries. But when I do the same in my lev I am getting nothing.

      The lev I am testing it in is a bix box, with sky on walls and roof (fake backdrop with skybox). So it doesnt seem to be a sky thing. I will test it in some other levs.

      Ok i ploped one into dm-asbestos and it worked. What the


      So there must be something my maps are missing, but what is it.


        I don't know what you have done wrong. but i managed to create rain.. here is what I did:

        Created a cube, 1024x1024x1024
        Added a light and playerstart
        Added xWeatherEffect actor


        Display tab:
        skins -> add -> (find rainFB under multiframe in emittertexture.utx) use (this will add rainFB as skin for the rain).

        xWeatherEffect tab:
        devistation: Dunno what this do, but not relevant
        eyesizeclamp: min: 0, max: 0
        life: min: 0.3, max:0.5
        maxpcleyedist: 800
        numcols: 2
        numparticles: 4000
        numrows: 2
        position: Leave this alone
        size: min: 0.8, max: 1.5
        spawnvel: x: 0, y: -0.3, z: -1.0
        speed: min: 800 max: 900
        weathertype: WT_Rain

        This did it for me, no fake backdrop.

        If you still can't see it, I don't know.. you should see it with these settings and the highest detail in world detail..


          What the hell is going on. That is exactly what I did, and just did again. Still doesn't work. But if i plop it into any other map, like the ones that came with the game it seems to work no worries. I don't know, I'll poke around some more.