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Maya Driver Issues - Help!!!

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    Maya Driver Issues - Help!!!

    Hi, I've had Maya PLE for a very long time now and was going to brush up on my skills today, as I haven't touched it in a while. However when I started it up it said there was an error (no details.) I think the problem is that I have to use unofficial Omega Drivers because I'm on a mobile card. Is there any way to get my precious maya to open up again? My specs:

    Windows XP Pro
    Pentium 4 Mobile 2.0
    256 MB DDR
    Radeon Mobility 7500
    Omega ATI Drivers (based on Catalyst 5.2)

    Thank you very much for any help!

    sometimes the latest drivers actually make maya crash. I used to have that problem with an old nvidia card I had, and ditto for my room mate that was using a radeon. Try downloading older versions of the video card driver to see if that works.