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Bombing Run Problem Please Help!!

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    Bombing Run Problem Please Help!!

    I am creating a BR map and I am stuck on one thing.

    Does anybody know how to creat the swriling effect that is connected to the goal?

    Been stuck on this for the past 5 hours any help will be cool.


    Are you using the actual goal or the static mesh?


      Those are emitters and theres different kinds! DE-ElectricFields probably has the style you want.

      Open that map and copy and paste it over to your map. Might as well just copy both bomb holes and both emitters from that map so you got all 4 actors chosen and copy then open your map without saving on ElectricFields and then paste those in your map then line them up where you want!

      Or I got a few BR maps you can copy and paste from at my site if you want!

      IceFields has a different type emitter that is a flat style and ElectricFields has the cone looking one!

      Several new VCTF's!!


        I do have the actor on the map rather than the static mesh.

        However when I put the emitter in the goal and configure it the same way as another map it doesn't work.Five big white circles form in the middle of the goal.

        I will try the copying and pasting from a different map. Never thought of that.

        Thanks Circus