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    The Skymarks project. Questions


    I'm doing my thesis project about a new railway station that they're going to build here in UmeƄ in the north of Sweden. To simulate the new building, I'm building the whole surroundings in unrealed, which means at least 4 square kilometers.

    My editor keeps crashing repeatedly every half hour (I have UT2003 with the latest patch installed) and all I have so far is the terrain. Is there something I can do to avoid this or is this going to be a big problem as I add more stuff to the map?

    By the way, I'm a complete noob and I really appreciate the tutorials on the web by Angelmapper and Noctivagus and at UnrealWiki!

    About my work and me

    Another question: Is it possible to change the clipping setting i.e. since my terrain is so gosh darn huge, I can only see a small part of it in the 3D perspective window. Can I increase the range?


      1) Try the most recent Auto file in the Maps folder when it crashes. UEd saves your map to the next Auto file every 5 minutes by default, you can change this in the View >> Advanced Options >> Editor >> Advanced >> AutoSaveTime property.

      2) No, this is a hardcoded engine setting.