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Bot pathing - jump+wall-dodge+jump

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    Bot pathing - jump+wall-dodge+jump

    There is a spot on my map that can only be reach using a jump+wall-dodge+jump sequence.

    I manage to force paths and now the bots are trying to reach the spot using a dodge followed by a jump but it's just not enough, they need to make a jump to the wall where they wall-dodge for the sequence to make it up there. This is with godlike bots.

    I did play aroung with bForceDoubleJump / bDodgeUp / bForceAllowDoubleJumping... but the bots never perform the right move. I also tried to move my JumpSpot further and higher to try to force them to over shoot... no success.

    Is there a way to force the bots to do a jump + wall-dodge + jump? Or even just a wall-dodge... All I can make them do is a dodge jump. From what I see, the AI just does not even seem to know that this move can be done.

    Ooooo have you read Blitz's advanced AI tutorials?

    Maybe you will figure out something if you know enough, and thats where to know your stuff.

    A thankyou to Blitz


      Yes, I used that tutorial before. Nothing mentioned about wall dodging for bots there.


        ...i'd try with the overshoot technique a bit more? I think if it's far (or high) enough they will do the jump they should? Plus, for a normal jump they usually don't need a jump spot, bots figure this out on their own...

        (sorry if i'm not helpful)


          Nothing did it... At best, the bots seemed to do a wall-dodge + jump but that is just not sufficient to reach the destination. I am not even sure they really performed a wall dodge, all I saw was that the bot was getting close to a wall and heard the dodge sound + jump sound afterward.

          I really had to find a way for the bots to use the 2 side routes on that map and use the assault paths there otherwise bot games would have been extremely boring. I did not want to resort to a jumppad...

          Luckily I found a workaround that still requires some skill to make the gap but it exposes the bot a little longer. I modified collisions to a static mesh so that bots could land on its side. I then added a JumpSpot to that small ledge. Now the bots jump to that spot and dodge jump to my original destination.

          It's actually nice to see the bots do it and it is not a route I would use as a player as it is a little slower and makes you an easier target... so I did not really make that jump that much easier in game, players will not do it that way.

          Still hoping to hear that bots can do a jump+wall-dodge+jump.