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2q: 2nd rifle attachment? / Compresison banding?

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    2q: 2nd rifle attachment? / Compresison banding?

    Dual threat tonight.

    A. Can someone please tell me if I'm just really dumb, or is there no attach socket setting for the left hand assault rifle? In the mercmalea ukx I see where the flag and gun are assigned to the weapon bone, but I don't see a socket for the 2nd assautl rifle you can pick up...

    edt: come to think of it, there aren't any animations for 2nd hand weapons in the browser, is this all hard coded? It's a problem because one of my characters only has one hand.

    B. Anyone ever get banding in broad color areas with their dxt compression? It doesn't seem to happen in the file til I import it into ued. If I save to dds from paint shop and then open it there, the image looks relatively similar, but once it's in game the contrast gets pumped up and it looked cartoonish. I can't really add too much detail because the model is based off a character that is mostly one color. Perhaps it's my geforce2, but that shouldn't have problems with simple compression display should it? I'd hate to save the texture as an rgb8 just to keep this from happening...

    Any help with either of these problems is appreciated.

    The dula assault rifle is a code thing

    And Geforce2's (and 3's if I remember right) decompress dxt1 in 16-bit, which could very likely cause banding. The only solution is to use DXT3/5 in cases where the artifacting is bad...(they are decompressed in full 32 bit)


      Thanks for your help and quick reply.

      I tried a dxt 3 and 5, they looked similar, but both still had a bit of banding.
      I hate to ask this, but if you or someone else has a newer and better video card, do you think you could test my texture? I mean just open it in ued real quick to see if it's ugly?

      edt: I forgot to say please....


      small file!

      Theoretically, if it's just a decompression problem with my card, then other people should be able to see smooth transition from light to dark in the right areas right? If someone can confirm it's ok, then it'd make me feel better about finishing the model.

      If that doesn't work I guess I'll just have to add a lot of grain to force the dxt1 into being more defined, but god knows that'll be ugly.

      As for the attachement, I guess I'll just let the weapon float then...


        I see (Using a Geforce4 TI4600):


          Thank you very much.

          Just for reference, this is what I see (and if not for reference, but in case you want to stare at my gf2 results like LA motorists passing by a quadruple death car crash)...

          Lovely, yes?

          edt: Now that I look at it there's still a little banding in your pic, especially around the light grey areas. But it's certainly better than the worst case scenerio.


            HEre's an article that explains the potetential issues with all the testure formats:

            JUst remember that while the 8bit palletized (or 32 bit source) often look a lot better both take up 4 times (minimum, since both are loaded at full 32-bit) the vid RAM when laoded to your vid card, so the slight lss of detail with DXTC is acceptable.


              Thanks for the link.
              Even though it looked okay in your shot I increased the grain slightly and used dxt3, should be ok now.


                ...don't re-import them as dds. Use Targa or anything else that doesn't compress.