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HELP; need textures

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    Do a Google search for "textures"

    Do a Google search for "Static Meshes"

    Go to Unreal Playground Forums and do a search for the testures thread if you cant find it and thou shalt be inundated.

    Go to Prefab Labs for Static Meshes

    Hope this helps. TBH, I thought nomads were used to wandering and that being so you would know whereto find loads of stuff!!!
    What youre looking for is common and a bit of effort using the search buttons or engines would solve your problem.

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  • started a topic HELP; need textures

    HELP; need textures

    I am currently making an island and a city map and dont have the needet textures.
    For the island i need a water shader that looks like the sea (something like the oil-rig from splinter cell only day time) and for the city, fassade textures for the background.

    Does anybody know a couple of textures sites i could look into?

    P.S. static meshes would be appreciated too