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Ambient sounds per zone?

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    Ambient sounds per zone?

    Had some trouble with this today, I searched all over and didnt seem to find a solid fix for this.

    Heres the scenario.

    - Large outdoor map, raining.
    - Building with an interior, zoned off


    Now heres what I want to do:

    For the outdoor section, it's all one zone, and I would like for everywhere in that zone to be playing a rain_outdoor sound.

    For the indoor section, its a seperate zone, and I would like for this one to play a rain_indoor sound.


    I have a zoneinfo in each section, and I notice in the Sound property, there is a slot for an ambient sound.
    I inserted the sounds listed above, but it only acted just as your normal ambient sound, with a radius, and ignoring all zones.

    So what I'm wondering, is there any way to set up the sounds so that they use the zones, and are occluded when the player enters this other zone?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    Bump, seeking help on the same thing.


      I don't know if this will help but it might...haven't really tested it

      under the zoneinfo properties there's a section called zonesound...try adding an effect and see what happens...make sure eax is enabled in the game and you have a sound card that supports eax...other than that I don't have any ideas....


        I'd say that gives effects like echo and stuff... Not actual sound. Well for the EAX users anyway.