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    Roadway meshes

    So I was trying to make some meshes similar to the roadway pieces in PC_UrbanStatic.usx. I made sure that every endpoint verteci matched up in x y and z, and have an appropriate offset to match up with the curved 90 degree piece, but when I import them together, they still have no holes but small seams and the textures dont tile quite right, then I noticed that the roadway pieces in PC_UrbanStatic.usx has an odd shader. Could this shader help in the blending of these peices?

    Anyone know of any good tuts for shaders?

    Originally posted by AmericanK
    Could this shader help in the blending of these peices?
    No. If anything, it will amplify the differences.


      what about smoothing groups for your meshes? Did you set them up? Someone told me that unrealed uses smoothing groups if the mesh has any. If it doesn't have any it creates them itself. So if your smoothing groups are messed up this may cause bad lighting on your mesh.


        I had the same problem with roadway static meshes. There's little that can be done when you're looking for alignment in 3D better than 1UU. Bear in mind that you'll see it when looking closely in UED but no-one will notice in-game.


          The roadway meshes in Urban were just cleanly (re)made by me. The original author used existing textures (bad ones) to create the meshes. The original mesh was quite solid but there was a bit of UV mapping stretching on the side trim.

          Toward the end of working on Urban I knew I had to make the road texture better so I made a new texture with a shader that gave some slight shiny specular on the hilights to make it look like slightly wet asphalt. At that time I exported the meshes and cleaned them up a bit in Lightwave (fixed the stretching issues, etc).

          The important thing is to make sure the whole mesh is welded properly and has decent smoothing groups. If you have seams where two polygons meet up and aren't sharing verts, then you can run into the problem of one vert getting light and one not and the resulting lighting blend will look bad... really bad.

          You just have to make sure your mesh is superduper clean. LW has some welding threshold options for cleaning up duplicate points. I think I did a check for duplicate verts within 1 unit and combined them (I don't recall if there were any).

          Just be sure to take your time and do it right the first time. I wished I had more time to work on Urban actually. I wanted to do more road variations (parking lots and turning lanes and roadside parking with meters etc... but time was an issue)