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    If you're in high school, take some CAD classes, if you can. They can really set you up with everything. I started using AutoCAD over two years ago and right now I can say that I'm a pretty advanced user of it (I'm still learning the humongous Maya though). A month or two ago I made this - both in Maya, which I started using over 1/2 year ago, and CAD. Right now I am working on a velociraptor model (actually, I'm done with it!) -- it is not an actual copy -- but it is how I imagine it. You can see the development right here .

    Also, couple of tips if you plan on using Maya.

    Instead of making a plane and applying a picture to it (so you can both look at the object and make it in Maya) just go to View -> Image Plane -> Import Image. Comes in very handy!

    Second tip, learn using the spacebar menu. It will save you some time.

    Don't use booleans - they suck.

    To make an animated model go back to original position (so you don't have to undo everything) go to Skin -> Go To Bind Pose.

    Backup your files frequently. One wrong step and Maya will shut down.

    Hope the above help!