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Making Textures with Macromedia Fireworks

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    Making Textures with Macromedia Fireworks

    I have MM Fireworks, in stead of Adobe Photoshop. I don't feel like buying anything else, since Fireworks is a very good web development program.

    It's an older version (4), but it can export all kinds of WEB formats (JPG, PNG, GIF). You can even use Photoshop Plugins with it.

    So, for creating textures for UT, i downed the PS plugin from the Nvidia site. I installed it, I used it, but it says "An internal error occurred".

    q: Anyone got some advice for me, how to do this?

    q: The pics have to be a size that's a power of 2. Does the plugin care?

    q: Anyone else use Fireworks to create textures?

    Tnx so far.

    I kinda doubt the DDS plugin works for that, but check Newsgroups or Messageboards for that software and see if it supports DDS, TGA, PCX, or BMP. Any one of those filetypes can be imported to UEd, so doublecheck the program itself to see if any are supported.

    One alternative would be to make them in JPG then convert them to another filetype with another program, Gimp(a free Open Source Photoshop alternative) would probably be a good choice. Though if you get Gimp it would probably be best just to use it for making Textures.


      Man, Gimp is Photoshop! Only this one's free!

      Great stuff. It takes some time to figure out how to install:noob: , but it works great.

      Thanks m8.

      By the way, get the Gimp


        Photoshop plugins work fine with Paint Shop Pro also

        Yes! the Gimp is awsome!