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Player spawn points - strange problem

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    Player spawn points - strange problem

    Stuck again but this should be the very last time.

    Originally my player spawn points were working just fine but now, since I've added additional objectives to my assault map I have a very strange problem occuring and to be honest I've no idea what's causing it:

    As a solution I tried to rename all the player spawn managers and only used these new names for the scripted trigger on the very first objective (jumping down into a well). And yet, even here right at the very start the problem occurs.

    Attackforpoint 1 - initially enabled
    Attackforpoint 2 - initially disabled

    Once the objective is reached, a scripted trigger triggers the Attackforpoint 1 to disable and Attackforpoint 2 to enable.

    The problem:

    Attackpoint2 does successfully enable and the players will spawn here. However, it appears players will also spawn at Attackforpoint 1 even though I assume its been disabled, I noticed this because if you kill yourself a couple of times from the new spawn point you will from time to time spawn back at the old one.

    I honestly have no idea what's causing it so I included the map file, the player spawn managers are only set for the first objective, the following objective spawn point managers have different names and have not been matched up to the scripted trigger events yet. Anyways, the first objective is situated in the well, please download the file and take a look.



    Thankyou very much for any help you can give

    Only thing I can think of is try reversing the order of the enable/disable triggers, so the new ones are enabled before the previous ones are disabled. Also make sure your paths are rebuilt before you go in to test.


      Ok thanks I kinda messed around with em and they seem to work. One last thing Angel, on your tutorial with the security cameras, i'm trying to do it again but saving lots of backups lol. The thing is, you say I might have to uncheck "placeable actors only" which I did and then I found it, but if its not placeable, how can i place & see it in the map?


        You can't. I say to uncheck placeable because sometimes new actors you make don't show up in the list, unchecking and rechecking it seems to refresh the list.

        It has to look like this to be placeable:

        class whatever extends dealie
        some function()