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Dynamic light tutorial?

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  • Dynamic light tutorial?

    I searched inside the beginer tutorial sticky, but I didn't find anything on Dynamic light. I want to create many lights moving in circles around a central point. I ave tried to use dynamic lights in the past, but I have no real expirience with them. Please help with a link or some quick words of enlightenment! thanks allot!

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    If you want the lights to work on a floor only (for example) then a projector would be the best bet, dynamic lights are costly
    so many of them isnt advised (that why epic made the projector).

    If you want to light things in multiple directions at once then that a different story many projectors may be more costly than
    the dynamic lights, took me less than 5 minutes to make This should give you a good idea how to do it..

    Epics UDN is a good place to look for info on most things, mover and projector tutorials are there.

    Hope this helps.


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      Aren't dynamic lights "broken"?


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        If you use a normal light and set Lighting->bDynamicLight = True , then yes it's broken.

        BUT, the workaround is too add a TriggerLight and set its TriggerLight->bInitiallyOn=True and then it works


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          Oh, all right, pretty cool. Never knew that. Always learn something new every day:up:

          Hehe, lol.


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            One thing i forgot to mention about dynamic lights is try to keep there radius as small as possible if they are near walls, they are
            not occluded by non subtracted spaces, so they could so up in places and on other sides of BSP/ect you don't want them to.


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              Thanks, I know the basics of non stationary lights, but my planned map is a bit like tokara forrest in its basic properties, no real walls for light to ignore. Plus I'm planning to have the entire map built on sligtly moving static meshes rather than stationary BSP. I plan to use one big projector to illustrate the shaddows. Hopefully this works once I get it out of MAYA. Unfortuately I need the Unreal pluggin to work with Maya 6.0 PLE to do THAT.

              I'll take a look at those liks you sent me. thank you.


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                I looked at your example map, bait. I was wondering if you can do that with a projector? also, is there a way to make a projector cast realtime shadows? I know you can do that with a light...