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need some help again :/

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  • need some help again :/

    what you see below is what im working on. as u can c its not finished, so what id like to know is..

    1. what textures (if any) should i put on? please b specific as im still learning.

    2. any details i should add to it?(symbols, ect)

    3. suggestions and feedback plz

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    First of all, you have to avoid having large areas painted with solid colors. I know this is more concept screens than anything else, but just in case.

    So here's how I go. I use PhotoShop7. You will want to get a similar program in order to obtain any kind of complex texture work done.

    I PS, I have a separate layer for 'the lightmap'. This 'lightmap' is an overlay layer that contains faked light and shadows so the model 3D is more visible.

    Usually, the modellers create that lightmap from the 3D program they use (it can be done in 3DSMax or Maya and it's called "Baking" a model).

    When you don't want to get into doing this (like for instance when you don't actually have the original model 3DSMax files or that you simply don't have 3DSMax), you can cheat a little and get a 'close enough' lightmap). Just go in PS, open the original skin .png file, dessaturate it (turns it in black and white), then blur it (gaussian blur), it removes all unecessary details...
    Then use the result of the previous as an overlay layer (set that layer's blending mode to overlay) over all the rest of your art...
    You will need to manually paint this layer to draw edges since when you blurred, you lost these useful details.

    Then, you need some kind of dirt/metal texture so the character doesn't look like it's a clean plastic toy. You can either search the net for good texture sites (e.g. DeviantArt) or you can retrieve any texture you need from the game itself. Open UnrealEd, Open the texture browser, open a texture file, look for 'bases' subgroup when there are some, select the texture you like, right click and export it.
    Just use the texture as a base layer in PS for your character.

    You also need to put some variation in hue/saturation. You can experiment with this in PS. Make several adjustement layers (Layer/New Adjustement Layer). Select a Hue/Sat Adjust. leyer for example. By default, the modifications would apply to all the image, which isn't really what you'd want.
    But Adjustement Layers in PS have a Mask (in the Layer window the Adjustement layers have a Layer Mask thumbnail). To change how the Adjustement Layer will apply to the image, just edit that layer's mask. Select the layer and then click the Channel tab in the Layer window. Then select the first channel and edit it. Paint dark (black) where you don't want the Adjustement Layer effect to apply, leave clear (white) areas wher you want the effect.

    Then You need to add some art like logos/Team symbol/switches/buttons (since in this particular case it's going to be a robot) and whatnot.
    There you have several options...
    Either you draw what you need by hand (proves to be difficult to obtain realism that way) or you get some art by browsing texture sites, or by using google image for example...
    Then you just need to copy paste the particular bits you are interested in...

    All in all making a good looking skin is a long (sometimes tedious) task. But it is worth doing it!

    /PS : You also have to try and find color schemes that fit well together, like avoiding clashing colors (for example avoid bright green being used with bright orange, those 2 colors don't go well with each other)...


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      heres whats got me confused...

      1. how to i paint in photoshop with hte model all flat? i painted the robot in my first post in Upaint but i had it set so i could c the entire model not the parts of it.

      2 what should my settings b for blur?


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        Originally posted by SHADDOW

        1. how to i paint in photoshop with hte model all flat? i painted the robot in my first post in Upaint but i had it set so i could c the entire model not the parts of it.
        First, use the corresponding model wireframes as a layer in your PS file. This will help you see the boundaries of the UV map.
        I personally use PS for painting and UPaint for previewing the result of my skinning. With any decent computer, you can have them both running at the same time.
        Plus you can use UPaint to get an idea where a specific area of the model is mapped. Just mark any location on the 3D preview in UPAint, and this mark will appear in the body or face flat. This will help you find where each area is mapped.

        Originally posted by SHADDOW

        2 what should my settings b for blur?
        For the blurring, you can experiment, I generally use a 4-pixel Gaussian blur first and then severa 2-pixel Gaussian blur.
        There's no rule, just try for yourself. The idea is to remove detail but keep the lighting of the original skin... So with that in mind, it's pretty easy to find a combiantion of blurs that does the trick. After these blurs, you may need to use the smudge tool for all the remaining details that are unwanted.


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          I also have a question: can you download upaint for free? I don't have my UT2003/2004 CD's atm.


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            Kind of off-topic. Do anyone of you use cylindrical and spherical mapping? I think both are totally useless.