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*fixed* ActorX and Maya 5 - ERROR: Failed to Find a Root Bone

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    Answer from Benmcl. Thanks benmcl!

    "To bring up the exporter are you using "axmain" or "axmesh"

    axmain is for animation and requires atleast one bone. If there isn't one you get that error. When I say animation I mean animation with that exported object NOT moving it around using movers."


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  • *fixed* ActorX and Maya 5 - ERROR: Failed to Find a Root Bone

    Hi, I'm trying to model my first static mesh which is very similar to a sword blade. I'm just testing out how to put the mesh into UnrealEd with ActorX and then apply a texture I made in Photoshop to it, to learn the ropes. Well I have run into a problem. I try to export with ActorX and it says ERROR: failed to find a root bone. Now I don't have any animation. I modelled it out of a polygon cube. I just want to import it as a decorative static mesh. Thanks in advance!!!!



    Goes to show you when you try to export using "axmain" instead of "axmesh" !!!