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Model alpha problem in game, but not in editor

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    Model alpha problem in game, but not in editor

    I converted the MercFemHeavy model from U2. In the editor, the model looks good, but in the game, the alpha from the glass visor goes straight through the model. I've tried different quality settings and different texture properties but have had no success yet.
    Any ideas?

    Model viewed in UnrealEd:

    Model viewed in UT2004:

    How the hell did you do that?! I've been trying to get those **** golem models out of U2 for sodding AGES. I've tried every single trick I know to get them out and nothing, but nothing works.

    As for your issue, create a Final Blend material, specify the body skin texture in the Material slot, then change the ZWrite property (it's either true or false by default, switch it to the other option - I can't open the ed at the moment to check as my graphics card died today ).

    edit: in fact, because the model uses alpha, you'll be best off switching all 4 properties to true in the final blend. It'll stop the model going completely translucent every time she translocates or teleports or whatever.


      :up: That did it!! My final blend settings are:
      (I think the visor needs to be a little more opaque).

      The original skin had the head, torso and visor together, but I kept having trouble with transparency in the head, even though the alpha was 100% opaque. So I split the visor to it's own texture and it worked.

      As for the gem conversion...
      I used Blender and wrote a gem import, psk import, and a psk export script. The scripts are crude, but they work. I still haven't been able to map the *.gem file. There are no headers for the mesh components (vtx, pnts, faces, etc) and I couldn't find any indices pointing to them. But the data formats are similar to the psk format. So I used a hex editor to look through the gem file to locate the start and length of the vtx, pnts, faces, uv, and bone_wgt. Then I plugged those values in my script and imported the mesh. Next I imported a psk skeleton, linked the mesh to it and exported to a psk. Finally, in UnrealEd, I imported the psk and linked it to some existing animations. There was a lot of tweaking because the U2 skeletons are more detailed and have slightly different proportions than the UT2004 skeletons, plus the rest pose is different. (You can see in the screen shot that the hands are a little bit offset from the weapon). I hope to convert all the U2 meshes by February.


        You'd be doing this community a huge favour if you released your script :up: Seriously, with Unreal2 content being perfectly legal to use in 2K4 now, there are numberous people (me included) that would love to be able to get those golem meshes out of Unreal2. I'm particularly looking in the direction of the Tosc model personally - I'd love to rig and animate that bad boy. And a Drakk monster pack for invasion would simply rock

        Excellent work :up:


          No problem. The script is located here:

          It should work with Blender 2.33 and up. You have to dig through the gem file with a hex editor in order to locate the data sections. Read the script for some help. I'd go ahead and do the TOSC and Drakk for you but I don't have access to them now. I had to remove U2 to make room for UT2004 and only saved the human and skaarj gem files before uninstalling it.


            Excellent Thanks a lot, very much appreciated :up:


              Originally posted by DarkSaber
              Excellent Thanks a lot, very much appreciated :up:
              Oh.... my....

              Dude.... Now if I only new how to work Blender... or any other modeling program for that matter.


                Originally posted by DarkSaber
                You'd be doing this community a huge favour if you released your script :up: Seriously, with Unreal2 content being perfectly legal to use in 2K4 now, there are numberous people (me included) that would love to be able to get those golem meshes out of Unreal2. I'm particularly looking in the direction of the Tosc model personally - I'd love to rig and animate that bad boy. And a Drakk monster pack for invasion would simply rock

                Excellent work :up:
                Agreed... EvilEngine did some nice work with getting the Skaarj and Merc packs done, but I really would like to see other stuff ported.

                Actually, I'm on break for the next two weeks. I'd be willing to help anyone out with porting stuff if they want. Please send me a PM if you're interested. I have a nice list of stuff that I think would probably port fairly well. I don't have much experience with modeling stuff in the game, but I can learn...


                  They come from U2 for our great pleasur!

                  i'm astonishing you see you do a plug for convert extract the mesh!
                  Since one year i'm looking for it! and finally i have rebuild the model: the Liandri Angel Light Model (not the Evil Engine Liandri angel but an other ) and the armor of the Evil Engine Skaarj! but know i read your post....i'm very happy and i know the most beautifull model i have ever seen in an SF game are back!!!!

                  You should contact Evil Engine, he is very interested by this new possibility!
                  So i show you an old version of my Liandri angel!

                  and an old version of the texture

                  The model is know well smoothed and mirorred, and i work with the original texture and the uv's of this model and it's hard to well stack them.

                  But it look good! if you arrive to export all of the model it could be a great thing for all the guy who cry (like me ) on the re-model or the means to export!!!

                  You are the best of all of us!!!!


                    Thanks a lot for this script, it'll be very usefull for all u2 models fans

                    Actually, I could extract the MercFemHeavyBody.gem without problem but an error appear for the MercFemHeavyHead01.gem:

                    Message 'Unpack Str Size does not match Format' pointing on the line 185: 'indata = unpack('3f2h','.

                    I suppose u put manually the format value for the body and now we have to put the correct one for the head file. But I can't imagine what is it, plz help to find it for other files

                    BTW, there is errors for extracting Aida, located on faces detection. But I must check first if the input is correct before to disturb u.


                      The error message "Unpack Str Size does not match Format" usually means that you tried to read past the end of the file. You probably changed the input file name but left the data locations set for MercFemaleHeavy. The variables pnts_start, pnts_nbr, vtx_start, vtx_nbr, etc... have to be set for each gem file. For the head, comment out the values for MercFemaleHeavy.gem and uncomment the values for MercFemHeavyHead01.gem. To find the values yourself, you have to use a hex editor to view the gem file and locate the start and length of each data section, then put those values into the script. See the script comments for a description of each section and where they are usually located. I know that is a real pain to do, but I could not locate any section headers or indexes in the gem file. Also be aware that most of the models have multiple FACE and UV sections, I guess for different LOD levels.
                      :bulb: Warning: This script requires a lot of trial and error and tweaking to get results.

                      Starting this weekend I'll have more time to work on this. My goal is to have all the human and skaarj models converted by Feb.

                      Here are the values for the Aida model:

                      Aida.gem (the script was missing the bone weights)
                      vtx start = 32145708
                      vtx nbr = 3876
                      face start = 1177788
                      face nbr = 4899
                      pnts start = 1615316
                      pnts nbr = 2586
                      uv = 1729268
                      uv nbr = 3876
                      wgt start = 1656692
                      wgt nbr = 3900

                      vtx start = 304
                      vtx nbr = 667
                      face start =7056
                      face nbr = 316
                      pnts start = 71158
                      pnts nbr = 668
                      uv start = 98190
                      uv nbr = 667
                      *this model has no bones, you'll have to comment out the section of the script that imports the bone weights.


                        Yop Yop yop!

                        i dream of it! you will do it!!!!

                        The Real Skaarj warrior in heavy armor!!!!!!!
                        So is it possible you produce a pack with all this model? because i have past a lot of time on your script but i never found the same valu as you for Face for heavy femal body for example. So i am not sure about this values for the orthers models.

                        so i would like to know if the model in ut2k4 get the original anim or some of unreal 2k4 character?



                          Someone can help me to define values for SkaarjLight and SkaarjMedium?

                          vtx star
                          vtx nbr
                          face start
                          face nbr
                          pnts start
                          pnts nbr
                          uv nbr
                          wgt start
                          wgt nbr


                            Skaarj Model data!!!

                            Yop Yop

                            i have seen your massage.
                            so for the medium skaarj model the most easy is to extract it from the superskaarjinvasion mode made by evilengine. for the other i don't know. i have begin to look for this data but i have only the vertex number. the other are too hard to find in the haxadecimal series of number and letter. sorry

                            perhaps we could make a community: RUM...Revival Unreal2 Model!!!!




                              ok hi everybody!
                              i would like to know if someone know how to get the uv_strt data and the wght_strt because the explain of CAM188 are not very clear!

                              thanks everybody!