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    spawn problem

    i have a very odd problem
    i builded a piece of map and wanted to test it
    i put a player spwnpoint above the floor as i usually do
    but when i enter the game and spawn, im immediatly dead (message"xerofighter left a small crater)

    i also checked if the map was out of the borders (where you will die immediatly) but that wasnt it

    i previously changed some level info

    does somebody know how to fix it?

    Make sure you do a build all before you go to playmap.

    If you look at the level in side view "Hit the S tab" make sure your playerstart and yellow subtract brush ect, is above the red line.

    If not you will have to set the Killz line down more or just move your yellow subtract cube and playerstart up. :up:


      k, build all works, i spawn fine but half of my map is "corrupt,
      things which must have bveen invisible are now solid
      flickering walls and missing walls :S

      guess ill start over, thanks for your help