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Textures not appearing?

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    Textures not appearing?

    I'm following this tutorial here:

    Unfortunately, when I get to the point where I "click the subtract button", nothing happens, apparently. I Ctrl-click the build box and move it, and it leaves an orange rectangle. No texturing. I try to change the texture, but no textures ever appear. Just blank space.
    I don't think I've missed any this a technical problem or did I miss something?
    Yes, I am a complete newb at all of this, which is why I'm following a beginners tutorial :-\

    Thanks for any help you can give me, I really appreciate it.

    Make sure a couple things:

    1) Move aroung the Perspective viewport, it maybe behind you or somewhere else you are not looking at
    2) Build All
    3) Make sure to be in Textured Mode in the Perspective Viewport, if it's in Dynamic Light nothing will show until you add in your lights

    Hopefully one of those suggestions fix your issue.


      Thanks alot, you just made my day

      EDIT: By the way, it was the Perspective setting.