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Texture importing - Part Deux [fixed]

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    Texture importing - Part Deux [fixed]

    I am at my wits end :sour:

    Scenario, I have a batch of textures which are all bmp format and in the power of 2, most are 128x256 with some 256x256 and in 8-bit. I have done nothing different from previous imports (which have worked fine) but my latest batch are refusing to import no matter what format or depth I choose???

    Now where's that rope................

    [EDIT]Weird this, all I did was to convert them to dds and they imported, but the question remains as to why they refused to export from BMP?................... the saga continues [/EDIT]

    if ure using photoshop, may i suggest a free plugin for creating DDS files that are high quality and you can set them for DXT1-5.

    I started making my textures as .bmp, but i found the dds format to be higher quality and it also creates the same textures but with different LODs (level of Details)

    I have had alot of success with this plugin showing the textures Hope that helps. Just remeber the powers of 2 otherwise the save button will be disabled. discovered that feature last night