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    Changing the mesh...

    Is there a way to change the mesh of a health and armour pickup so that I can make it look like a wall mounted charger, but not have it dissapear when someone picks it up, but say "empty" until it respawns? If not, can I make a triggered mesh that give you health for a small time when you hold down use? BTW, I don't know how to do triggers yet so I need some help on that if that is my solution.

    Good questions. Trying to do a HL2 Health/Armour type setup I presume?

    You're going to need to do some UScripting to accomplish this, It is possible to change the looks of a HealthCharger, but from what I can gleen there's no way(at default) to use a Trigger to activate it.

    However, you might be able to mimmick that by spawning Healthvials. I 'm not sure if HealthVials are Trigger spawnable, but I've been considering checking into it as it would solve a situation I'm trying to accomplish.

    Anyway, the mimmick might work something like this(note: this is just a guess and not something that I know will work):

    1) Set a StaticMesh(your Charging unit) on the wall

    2) For the "Empty" part, a Triggered Material should work. The Material would simply change from a darkened state to clearly displaying "Empty" at some point. Then it would switch back to Darkened state. You could get real fancy with this and create a sliding bar or maybe even a numerical #%.

    3) You need a Trigger Spawn to Spawn your HealthVials or whatever you're charging

    4) You need a Use Trigger that would Trigger both the "Empty" Material and the HealthVial spawner. The setting of your Use Trigger would be such that it only works as long as the Use key is engaged.

    5) Special settings:

    a) When spawning Healthvials(or whatever) make them invisible
    b) change their HealingAmount to 1 then change the Spawn to just Spawn X amount of items. This will cause a gradual rather than 5+ at once increase of Health/Armour.

    You'll have to play around with various settings using the above, especially with the timing of the various bits in order for it to work right, but I think it's feasible.

    Hopefully someone can drop by and clarify whether a Triggered Spawn can spawn these Items.


      Yea, you're right about the Hl charging unit thing, but I wanted it more suited to UT so no actual charging since UT is so fast paced. All I wanted is for the player to hit use (maybe a health vile should be in my mesh to that it's visible through glass) and the player get's 50 health (and the health vile disappears till it spawns a new one). Same thing would go for shield except you would get 75. Oh and I have absolutly no idea how to use Uscript or triggers as of yet... I've been mapping for a while, but I've never tried to do something serious that requires this kind of thing. Im currently making a remake of the old HL DM map Crossfire and I thing Standard UT Health units would be inapropriate.


        You can change the Healing amount quite easily, just go into the HealthVials Properties and in the Tournament Health section the HealingAmount can be changed there(only do this for placed Items). Also, if you want to change what the HealthVial looks like, while in Properties goto Display and towards the bottom click on StaticMesh and click Use(assumimng the StaticMesh wanted has been previously selected in the StaicMesh browser). You might have to Scale the new Mesh, then just place it where you want it.

        You can also adjust the Respawn Time in the Pickup section of Properties.


          I ahve another idea that might just work for the health, but I doubt it for the armor. Could I possibly place a health vial inside the open area of my charger mesh, put glass over it, and trigger a mover with the use key if its used on it? Then the glass would open revealing the 50hp vial that you would grab and gain health, then the glass would close. For the armor, I would need to get rid of the charger mesh or just use a health vial and give it the properties of an armor pickup, then reskin it... That might just work!