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    hey is there a way to make the mover activate only if A player stands on it long enough, if they just walk over it then it dosent activate. Is there a way to do this?

    it didnt work....I walk over it and it still activates

    I want the thing to be if someone just walks over it then it dosent activate. while if someone stands on it for a few sec then it activates


      try using just a normal trigger, everything else is the same.


        You dont need a trigger, just set the time it waits before going up when a player stands on it.


          Yes a Standopentimed mover with the delay time set to 5 or 10 or ??.

          If you cant make one of those then you got troubles!! :weird:

          I delete my other post about the trigger but you can use those also. I overlook the simple way to do it. :bored:

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            ....I know that........which trigger will only activate the mover if someone stands on it for 4 seconds? If someone just walks over it than I dont want it to activate


              Wouldn't a scripted trigger be the obvious choice here as well as a normal trigger?

              Firstly (guessing here) name your mover (tag) place that name into the normal triggers event.

              I am only just starting to use them but as I understand you would use these actions in the scripted trigger;

              ExternalEvent - *whatever your trigger name event is called*

              Pause Time - *how many seconds you want*

              TriggeredCondition - *whatever your trigger name event is called*

              ActionNumber - 0

              And I guess in your mover properties under Object make the InitialState TriggerControl

              I have no idea if this will work as it is all theory, I am still a noob at all things UED