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Player models & Exporting models or files

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    a search of this forum alone turned up at least two (and probably more) posts that deal with this subject pretty thoroughly. search terms? "Maya PLE" (sans quotes).

    the search function is your friend.

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    Player models & Exporting models or files

    I want to make a new weapon model but for every tutorial I read it usually says to use the player model as a reference for size etc. However I can not find ANYWHERE the models to use as a reference, the VTM's on the bonus disk say that the skeleton/model should be available on the dvd or however I still cant find it. Also I dont know how to export things out of the ukx files etc.

    I am using Maya PLE, have looked through countless websites (from the sticky posts here on this forum) and haven't found the models yet or any info on how to export stuff (I know its something to do with ucc?)

    Can anyone shed some light on this or post some link to a player model that I can use for a reference. It would be greatly appreciated, I have tried doing the work myself but haven't found anything... theres so much information on all this that it seems that some information has got burried and everyone just refers to "use a model as a reference" without saying how to get hold of the model.

    Many thanks.