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Getting Nearly Horizontal Jumppads

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  • Getting Nearly Horizontal Jumppads

    I have a (very) long tunnel that I want a jumppad (or if there is something more convienient, that) to shoot the players down. The problem is the trajectory on it just tries to shoot way up in the air, and the ZScale doesn't effect it much at all. How can I get it to send the player flying (nearly) horizontally?

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    just place the pathnode thats linked up to the jumppad low.


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      Well, that's making the trajectory look good. But when you jump on it in the game it only jumps you foward about 20 feet. There some sort of limit that needs to be disabled?


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        just a question, will this tunnel be able to be traversed by normal walking/running? If it isnt then just have one jumppad and connect it to another and continue this until the end of the tunnel


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          That would sort of take away from the effect though.


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            Forget the jump pad idea.

            Use a volume, and adjust it's gravity/physics properties for the desired effect.
            If you need an example....look at ONS-RangerSEMSU.

            The volumes are near the center node. :up:


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              yeah, make a physics volume, and set the zone velocity to be enough to make you fly down the pipe, and as long as the volume takes the whole pipe, it will work fine. Just keep in mind that a volume would only allow one-way travel unless you split the tube with 2 volumes.


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                I decided to make a series of Jumppads that go in a circle as it goes down the corridor.

                Anyways, is there a way to get those emitters to rotate? And while I'm at it; there a way to scale emitters?


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                  You can't "rotate" most emitters in the traditional method of ctrl + RMB. Some have a direction and DO turn, but generally you have to edit the settings yourself.

                  Open the properties of the emitter, go to "emitter". Under there should be a series of particle systems. Clicking on one will expand its properties.

                  Scaling emitters is fairly simple. Check each particle system's "size" settings. They will have a starting min/max size, which you can alter. You can get into size scale which changes the particle sizes over time (i.e. smoke grows larger and expands), but for pure particle scaling you will have to edit start size min/max. You may also have to increase starting min/max velocity as well, because larger particles means more cramping.

                  Do this for one emitter then copy --> paste. Then move on to changing velocity below.

                  The properties you should look at: velocity (starting velocity min/max which alter direction) and acceleration (which will decide which way the particles will accelerate, as to attain a curve). Mess around with those settings until you get the wanted direction.

                  You'll have to do this manually for each one.

                  Here is a reference site:

                  Here is the examples section of that site:

                  Emitters are difficult at first, but fairly simple once you get the hang of it. Good luck :up: !


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                    Well, that certainly has more information on emitters than I ever needed to know.

                    I can get the thing to curve just fine, but can't figure out how to rotate it still.

                    If I have a jumppad hanging on a wall, the emitters coming from it may curve towards the next one, but they are still starting on the horizontal. Looks awkward to have the standard horizontal plane coming out of a tilted jumppad.