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Got Plot? Sick of frag-tag? EdenEclipse needs more Level Designers

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    Got Plot? Sick of frag-tag? EdenEclipse needs more Level Designers

    Eden Eclipse, a single-player sci-fi FPS, is looking for Level Designers. We prefer people that are not only artistically talented, but that can plan and create interesting single player maps. This is not an entry level position.
    For a basic intro, I've included a few pics -- you can also download the game from

    EE and LevelDesigning:
    EE has a completed three act story that arcs over ~18 maps and we have a basic definition of every map as well as some of the major quests involved. We need LDs to take the basic concept and (based on your level of experience) work with our artists, gameplay/riddle designers, and scripters to create beautiful AND interesting environments that drive the story arc and provide a challenge to the player. To support you in that mission, EE has a team of quality artists and coders and offers you lots of easy to use features that enhance the single player experience:

    an advanced AI and scripting system to easily control monsters (easily set up patrol paths or have them wander the terrain),

    an innovative item and bonus/secret systems (including a more refined dispenser than half-life's and much cooler breakable boxes),
    poseable and hackable corpses (5 seconds to set up a decapitated's that easy),

    radio communication with your extended team (for hints and plot development),

    wall-walking spiders,

    dedicated mesh and texture creaters--and that's just a taste.

    About EE and You
    If you're looking to grow, there are lots of opportunities to learn other areas, but note that this is a team effort and a team success that has deadlines we need to meet--so if you're a blazing fast mapper but a slow scripter (or you just dont like scripting) then we may ask you to move on to another map and let someone else do the scripting.

    We are a highly active and diverse team (ages 16-30, in four countries) that expects a regular contribution of ~10 hours a week--we all have our slow weeks, but core members generally put in a lot more.

    If you're interested please send an email with a link to a sample to

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