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transform bsp into static mesh then into a mover, plz help

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    transform bsp into static mesh then into a mover, plz help

    i want to transform a bsp into a static mesh and then make it a door that mves when a player get close. i know i can transform bsps into static meshes but then how do i add them as mover and how i make it move when a player/bot get close?

    To convert BSP to a static mesh:
    Create a builder brush that is bigger than the BSP you want to convert - make sure the builder brush is not touching anything other than the BSP.
    Goto Brush->Intersect
    Now move the brush a little bit off and click Brush->Add.
    Now rightclick on the new BSP you have created and right-click.
    Click convert->to static mesh
    Give it a name and package (mylevel usually)

    To add it as a mover-
    Select the new static mesh you made in the static mesh browser, then click Brush->Add Mover

    To get it to open when a player or bot is near-
    Change the brush's intial state (object->initial state) to TriggerOpenTimed. Set the tag to something like "lift1"
    Then add a Trigger on top of the lift and set it's event to "lift1".
    Increase it's collisionradius (collision->collisionradius) to give it a larger radius.
    To see the radius in the perspective view, right click on the top of the perspective view window, click actor view->radii view.

    Hope this helps


      It will also need collision.

      If you have the same brush you intersected the BSP can put it around the static mesh...make sure only the mesh is selected....right click the mesh, and choose SaveBrushAsCollision.



        thanks alot :up: