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Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Static Meshing

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    Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Static Meshing

    Hi there,

    I know this maybe a noobie question but how do I add a static mesh (ie Piping) to a subtracted room so that the pipe can go through the wall making a walkway, so that there is no wall texture in the way???


    You have to make a subtract cylinder that extends off the subtract room or something to make a hole in the side of that room. Then you place the SM inside it. Hopefully your pipe is not got an angle or you will need to make a more complex subtract. Or you could just not use the static mesh at all and just use the subtract cylinder and give it a pipe style texture.

    Look at it this way your level without anything is like a big huge cube of clay. You have to carve out the spots inside the clay cube using subtracts then once you do that you can place add brush and static mesh ect inside the places you got carved out.

    Theres probably many other ways you can accomplish what you want but it just depends on how advanced of a builder you are.

    Good luck.

    If your pipe is just an 8 sided or 16 sided cylinder without angles then just make the 8 or 16 sided subtract cylinder ever so slightly bigger than the SM cylinder then hook that subtract to the side of the other subtract then put the SM inside.


      Static Meshes are only decorations that go inside your subtractions. They are not sibtractions themselves.