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Milkshape + Lithunwrap problem

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    Milkshape + Lithunwrap problem

    Don't know if any mappers except ChipV6 know/use Milkshape or Lithunwrap but I've got a problem with texture wrapping.

    My model looks fine when mapped in Milkshape, but when I export it as the correct .lwo into UEd I get some weird texturing as shown in red. You can see that it's doing that in a few places. I've tried a couple of different ways of unwrapping/skinning it in Lithunwrap but I get the same kind of results.

    Any ideas or links to tutorials that show proper Milkshape>Lithunwrap>UEd 3.0 techniques?

    The first image is in UEd, the second is the same test skin in Milkshape using 'materials'.

    ooohh, I see that Prefablab posts in here. I've used a bunch of stuff on your site. Maybe you've got some insite into what i'm doing wrong?

    not sure from your post whether the pictured example was UVW-mapped in MilkShape or Lithunwrap. i've never run into this kind of prob using the MS3D projection tool, but i don't use Lithunwrap so i can't comment specifically about that app. did you unwrap the skin for the example? if so, seeing how the UVs overlay the texture(s) might be of some help.

    btw, i notice i've been upgraded to a V6 four extra cylinders! "Must go faster! Must go faster!"


      The best and affordable solution is to get and open the milkshape3d model with it ........then export it as ASE......

      Any uvmap problems can be corrected in even supports DDS textures from ut2004