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    *.umx to *.ogg

    Is there some way to rip old UT songs to mp3 or ogg?

    Yes if you have the right software. You need to convert the .umx to .ogg and there are several ways you can do it.

    You can probably get many converters that will do the conversion directly but I am pretty sure you can get "modplugtracker" for free and that will open .umx and then after you got them open you can save them as .wav or mp3 ect.

    Once you have them in .wav you need to have an ogg vorbis tool to convert it to .ogg and there are 1000's!

    If you lucky and find a direct converter from .umx to .ogg then thats all you need but if not it is a simple 2 step process from .umx to .wav and from .wav to .ogg

    Type "convert .umx to .ogg" in your IE search box and I am sure you will get 100+ leads. Or type in ".umx converter" or try ".ogg converter" ect ect...



      It's not so easy...
      But it works


        Just grab the UMX decoder and a OGG encoder for winamp (
        Load the UMX file, and let it encode it into a OGG