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Texrotator Made My Head Explode

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    Texrotator Made My Head Explode

    I made a tex of a star with an alpha so the night sky shows through around the star.

    I want the star to rotate slowly around the center of the tex.

    The tex is 512x512. The semi-solid brush I put the rotator on is 2048x2048. I set the texrotator to Constant Rotation. I set the yaw to about 2048. It rotates. But as much as I pan, I can't get it centered. As it gets closer to becoming centered, the tex seems almost to split in half. The half on the left rotates around its center. The half on the right pans ("rotates") through the brush.

    I managed to get it rotating correctly, but at about half the size I really want, and panned to the extreme left side of the brush.

    The tutes and threads I've found seem to say that I'm doing everything right............grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.............

    You should probably use an emitter for that instead.

    [EDIT] Adding more detail:

    Set the lifetime to something decently large, like 4 or 5. Set a fadein and fadout time probably to 0.5 and 3.5/4.5 respectively. Set a low rotation rate, and set the numbe rof particles to 3 or 4. Tweak as necessary.


      Well, being as I know no fear, or I'd never turned on the editor to start with, I think I'll give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion! [And if anybody knows the answer to the rotator thing I'd still like to hear it...because I hate when things act like they're broke LoL!]


        Texrotator Made My Head Explode !!! fetch the..... bucket and cloth!


          Originally posted by CaTdAeMoN
          fetch the..... bucket and cloth!
          I'd say that covers it quite well! Heh...


            The rotation pivot in TexRotators is not in the center of the texture, it's in the upper left corner.

            It's confusing at first, but all you need to do is pan your texture first by half its size (both horizontally and vertically).

            Alternatively, you can make this pan in Photoshop before importing. That's how I did on my Zhuul skin.


              I luv it when something works! So in PS duplicate the sun four times and center each one at a corner of the image so that only a quarter of the pie is visible. [I'll have to check the PS Bible to see what the precise way of getting that lined up might be.] Then in UnEd, pan U & V 64 x 2 (=256 tex/2) in the tex properties dialog with mathematical precision LoL. Excellent!

              Now I luv UnEd again.