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    My quick reply is that, as far as I understand it, meshes and brushes are lit differently. One is based on the surfaces, the other on the vertices.

    Thus, when you have your level's lights set up so that your brushes are lit as you like, the meshes might appear too light or dark, and vice-versa.

    There are some possible work-arounds.
    You may try and use special lights to have your meshes lit differently than the surrounding brushes (differently, but differently so that they look the same !),
    or you may tinker with other settings. All these 'other settings' should be your last resort and are apparently difficult to tweak as needed anyway.

    If you've serached on this topic, I am sure you've read of many such settings already (and I don't want to point you in the wrong direction anyway, since I refrain from tinkering with them myself).

    Hope this is correct and gives you some explanation for the problem.

    Good luck,

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  • started a topic Static Mesh lighting...

    Static Mesh lighting...

    I know this has been asked be4. I did a search but the solutions are not what I'm looking for. I have a real nasty problem here.
    Some meshed dont lit well (they are very dark) and some static meshed are very bright. I create all my static meshes with 3ds Max and use the same modeling technique/workflow on all meshed.
    While searching I found out that Unreal uses vertex ligning on static meshes... :O I really supprised me that such an advanced engine uses a very simple way to light static meshes.

    What is the reason why a mesh is to dark/bright. When I create a mesh I wanna use it several times in a map with different lightings and stuff. I really hope they fix this (and other bugs/flaws) in the next Unreal Engine/Editor.