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Need help with my first map

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    just saw the other post s-dot made. i do that too. i generally use antiportals for zoning of outdoors, and zoneportals for indoors. same kinda thing applies tho


      UT2004 dvd edition

      If your starting out mapping and you need help you cant do better then send off for the special edition dvd version of ut2004 it comes with a ton of video tuts from buzz 3d and covers everthing you need to know if you want to check out the map that it teaches you to make well worth doing then go to my site and download it to give you an idea of what it will play like.Theres some very good tuts on the net but I found the dvd video tutorials covered all I needed to know from basics to advanced bot pathing and volumes even making your own models and meshes it all there. If your into mapping then you wont regret buying the dvd edition its a must have..


        absolutly. they explain all of the basic things, and some advanced stuff too. building bascics, terrain, movies, modeling. definatly worth it.

        hmmm, im starting to sound like a salesperson:sour:


          Thanks for that info! I was thinking of getting the DVD version since installing from so many cd's is a real pain. But now that I know there are all those extras it really makes it worth while.


            tho it doesnt matter much, i would reccomend getting the ECE version(its all red and stuff) just cause then u dont have to get the patch. i dont know y they made a whole new version just for that.