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Need help with my first map

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    Need help with my first map

    Hello! This is my first post. I have a map I have been working on and its near complete. Just needs a few things.

    I was hoping I could get someone to take a look at it and help me with a few things.

    Its a DM map and can be downloaded here: Refurbished

    Here are some screenshots:

    What I need are opinions on visual, game play and items that work or dont work etc. I need someone who can help me with zoning this map. Also creating paths.

    I cant lie. This map has taken over 2 weeks at 5 hours a day. Its been a great learning experience and I am looking forward to sharing this with everyone.

    My original goal was to make this a 2 - 12 player map. It dosnt have many ramps like I have seen in other maps. Not sure how important that rates with people.

    So what do you guys think?

    You posted it into a wrong forum. Go to:
    User maps and mods >>> Beta relases


      I apologize. But its not really a beta release. Its a work in progress and I was trying to get some help with finishing it. If that makes sense.

      I only posted the map itself so people would have a better idea of what I am trying to do and tell me whats wrong with it. Also, I need help zoning it.


        looks good. the ammo crate idea is fantastic.

        now i cant say it looks bland, but for things like the mine cart use statics


          Originally posted by CaTdAeMoN
          looks good. the ammo crate idea is fantastic.

          now i cant say it looks bland, but for things like the mine cart use statics
          On the mine cart using a static... Is that bad? Or good? I wanted to make something that can get you from one side of the map to the other, since there seems to be much open space. If that makes sense.

          Thanks for the feedback!


            the idea is fine. maybe give it a better texture?

            Put some reils in for it to go along too.


              Rails, sounds like a great idea! Thanks!

              What do you think about the jump pads (the one to the crane with vile pickups and the one that takes you ontop of the van)?

              I am trying to make this a fun map but practical at the same time. Thanks for all your input on this.


                jump pad looks fine, allthough im worried that the green bit is off-center.

                Also, to make it fit properly, select the texture you used for the floor. go into the static mesh's properties and select display. find a thing called skins, and pres add. then press the use button.
                it should change to the texture off the floor. see if that looks good


                  Thats a great idea that I was unaware of. I will try that. Le me ask you something. Om the ground level, do you think there is too much open space?

                  I know many maps have many hallways and ramps etc. Thats something I am not too god with, but learning. Do you have any thoughts on this? Or is less more?

                  I was thinking of adding a sub level with a with stairways to get down. Maybe make 2 or 3 rooms simular to the boiler room. What do you think? Or would that be overkill?

                  Also, do you know how to zone a map? I really need help in that area and I found the tutorials a little confusing.


                    what do you mean by zone?

                    im no good with hallways either. they just look bland.

                    i think you could use a little debris but other than that the floor is fine


                      Oh, by zone I mean "Portals". Also I need to make it so when you in an area it will have a name other than "Unknown zone". You know when you press F1 durring a game it tells you what room\area your team mates are in? With my map everyone is in an "Unknown zone".


                        right! now the easiest way to do this is with a volume. so say you wanted to make 1 room say "boiler room"

                        1) create brush the same size as room. if you dont know how big it is, duplicate the subtracted cube and right click > convert > to brush. DO NOT ADD OR SUBTRACT IT. find the volume button, its near add and sub, looks like a see through cube. right click, add just a volume. now move your red brush, there should be an odd coloured cube there. thats your volume.

                        2) go into the volume's properties, find volume, expand it. find location name... you know what to do

                        zoning has become to an extent obselete with the inclusion of volumes. however, if you wanted to seperate 2 zones for some reason, just add a zone portal. to make one, create a red brush sheet the same size as the "doorway" you are seperating, at the top of the screen click brush > add special. then from the prefab list click *zone portal* ok that then close the window. you should now have a zone portal. :up:

                        any questions?


                          Truly a life saver you are! Thanks a million for that. If I can trouble you with one other question. As far as paths go, how far apart can they be? I was playing with placing them and realized I had way too many. About 3 cubes apart and it took over an hour to compile and finaly locked up the editor.

                          Do you have any tips for placing paths? Someone told me to make a grid across the entire map. But that seems excesive to me. Any advice?

                          As for the map the way it is are there any changes you recommend? (Besides what you mentioned above).

                          Thanks again for all your help. I really appreciate it!


                            pathing... now thats a dificult one. just place them QUITE far apart and if they dont connect then put one inbetween. there is a rough distance i know, but im afraid i cant explain it.

                            what you need is to think of some different textures. thet same rusty texture looks boring, try some other textures in different places.. look for what fits.


                              Thanks! Iwill play with it and try some other textures to break it up a bit and hopefully in a few days I can post an update. Thanks again!