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Annoying Lighting issue (and yes used the search and came up with nada :) )

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    Annoying Lighting issue (and yes used the search and came up with nada :) )

    Im sure this is about the most newbish question in the world but, oh well....
    I have a bunch of meshes in my map but they won't conform 2 the lighting settings and there for stick out like a sore thumb.
    Right now I just have the zoneInfo handling the lighting so I figured that might be the problem, so when I use a actual sunlight actor will the meshes conform then? or is there some other way one must go about making the mesh have the right lighting..or is it impossible 2 change it?

    One on left Static/ Right part is BSP

    zonelighting effects everything in the level so if everything is zonelit you won't have any shadows...if you were to take it out and add a sunlight to it then yes that would create some shadows


      Zonelighting is awful. Don't EVER use it... except to check out changes, or unless it is absolutely necessary. It makes any map look abominable


        Sorry, but it is my understanding this is indeed a sore topic.

        Meshes and BSPs are lit differently by the engine, so you will always have to face this issue.

        In particular, it seems to me your mesh simply has a texture on it that does not fit the theme of the textures you used in the surrounding BSPs.
        This is not always a no-no (sometimes you want certain meshes to 'stick out'). I can only suggest the following:

        1~ try and see if there is a mesgh similar to the one you're using, but with a texture similar to the one you're using on your BSPs; or

        2~ try an dchange the texture on your BSPs to be similar to the one on your mesh; or

        3~ try to play with special lights. You might figure out a light that would make your mesh look more in-tone with your BSPs; if so, set the light to be a special light and the mesh to be specially lit, so that your surrounding BSPs are not affected by the light; or

        4~ check out tutorials on how to make your own meshes: sorry but I am no expert in that side of the modding experience yet, but you could make your own mesh with a more appropriate texture; or

        5~ check out tutorials on how to make your own textures: again, not much info I can give you on that, but you could make a texture that matches what's on your static mesh, and apply it to your BSPs (I think you're trying to make the mesh look like the BSPs, though, right?).



          hmm. not completly sure my question was understood...
          these have the sam exact texture u see but the Mesh won't accept the zoneinfos lighting so it stays bright while everything else (BSP and terrain) change to the lighting set by the info.
          What I was wondering is how can u get Both the BSP and Meshes to light the same, as in they 2 both the same shade of color, not 2 version of the same texture with the mesh not even taking 2 the lighting?
          Im going 2 look into some of the other maps and see what i find on this....


            It's jsut that Staic meshes are lit differently, when you add real lighting you may have a similar issue, but chances are it will look much better...


              is the unlit parameter set in the mesh properties?