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    Model textures

    I have made a statue in maya 6.0, andI do what the tutorials tell me to do. I can even get the mesh into UED, but when ever I try to texture the thing it comes out as a solid color.

    Can any one point out where I am Wrong, I try to put a stone color and it comes out as solid grey, It is like the textures way too big or way too small, I've tried all textures including ones that come with maya.

    If someone would like to tell me what's wrong, how to fix it, or even texture it for me let me know, please.:noob:

    our problem is the skinning in maya itself

    Your real problem from the sound of it is that you did not map the model in maya, meaning you did not use hyper shade to set a temperary skin then resize its skin,

    what you should do is inport the texture into maya, skin it then export the same model then use it in ut. It should look exactly like it did in maya, just make sure you skin it in maya....


      I'll try

      I used the lambert shader in maya and tried scaling the model in there.

      Your idea sounds good, I'll give it a go and let you know how it went. Thank you very much.:up:

      Edit: The solid color is what it looks like in maya, how do I resize?